Similarities Between Inca And Aztecs

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Many of the people of this area believe that jaguars brought them the knowledge of bows and arrows, fire, and cooked meat. It is also believed that the shamans could turn into jaguars, and that jaguars were related to fertility, the earth, and royalty.

The calendar stone was used to justify sacrifice and war. It also showed that they needed to use human blood for sacrifice, as it contained a special essence. The stone also had four boxed figures which represented the four previous suns. The Aztec believed that the universe was maintained by supplying blood to the gods.

When Cortez landed in Mexico the Aztec ruler believed him to be Quetzalcoatl. This would have allowed him to have or gain anything he wanted from the Aztec’s. If people believed he was a god, then he could do anything he wanted to do.
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They used these to keep track of dates for certain rituals. The Incas were also able to tell when it was time to plant and harvest crops. Along with when to have animals reproduce. They also believed that certain groups of starts were important deities, and other stars were lesser deities. Without these abilities life for the Inca people would have been much different, and probably a lot harder than what it
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