Similarities Between Indian Camp And Montana 1948

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Montana 1948 and Indian camp are two very interesting stories that show lots of themes and that makes these both adventures very engaging. In Montana 1948, David lives through a tough time with his family since they realize that his uncle Frank sexually harasses Indian women by pretending he’s a doctor. In Indian camp, there is another twist to the story, Nick’s dad is a doctor but a very good one and goes to where an Indian woman has been trying to give birth for 2 days. Although these two might be completely different stories they still have their very engaging connections. In Montana 1948 David helps his dad a lot by doing very different things so he can do right for the community. For example, David helps his dad to find out that Frank abuses Indian women by telling him that he saw him before they found Marie dead. David explains to his dad that he was used Len and Daisy’s outhouse to go to the bathroom. When he was sitting there he saw Uncle Frank heading toward town, that was at three in the afternoon and after that they found Marie dead. After that David helps his dad again by accepting that uncle Frank had to go to jail (in their house). When Wesley put Frank in jail he was very pale and couldn’t believe what he had to do. After that he tells David that he had to put him in jail since he had run afoul of the law, and waits for David to approve on what he had done. Therefore, Wesley had David lie that he wasn’t there, to Julian since Wesley knew that he was going

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