Similarities Between Into The Wild And To Build A Fire

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In the book “Into the Wild” written by John Krakauer, and the short story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London, both represent and differ similarities within these stories. These two stories represent a selfish man thinking they can tackle an adventure in the wild. The two main characters live and experience identical deaths. The similarities between these two characters are nothing more than that both men travelled in similar harsh winter weather conditions, despite the fact both men were informed before their travels it would not be a simple journey to survive. Why would people face harsh weather conditions with little to no aid for them to survive?
Throughout the story “into the wild”, Chris after months of “living off the land” in Alaska, starves to death in his bus after finally finding a moose which gave him hope, but since he had not eaten in days and it was infested with flies and bugs, he passes away. He could not eat the moose without obtaining a disease and getting sick. Likewise, in the short story “to build a fire”, the man is faced against harsh weather conditions of 70 below 0 while walking through the Yukon trail for many hours. After falling in the river, the man sits down underneath a tree, and passes away due to his fire being put out by the snow and limited matches. The reason
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Chris came from a rich and caring family which some would say is the reason he took this approach to go live in the wild for potentially years, alone. On the contrary, the man from the story “to build a fire” clearly did not come from much wealth considering he was willing to travel in the coldest parts of Canada to attempt to find gold. However, the man decided to travel with his dog that had little to no major influence on him, on his adventure to find his friends. However, Chris brought little to nothing with
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