Similarities Between Janie And Teacake In The Everglades

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Janie and TeaCake just arrived in the Everglades, and shortly after that TeaCake found a job as a bean planter. The money coming in from his job, as well as the money from Janie, allowed them the ability to buy a “house”. The “house” is more of a shack, but Janie puts her special touch on it to spruce up the place and make it feel like home. While in the Everglades there is not much to do, so TeaCake goes hunting with Janie and teaches her how to shoot a gun. They go hunting so many times and shooting so many times that Janie starts to become a better shooter than TeaCake. As time goes on, more and more workers start to come to the Everglades. They don’t have houses, so instead they camp out by fires and have big parties most nights after a long day’s work. All of the workers make good money as bean planters in the fields, allowing them to afford the land that they camp on. While TeaCake is working in the fields, Janie stays home cooking beans, cleaning the house, and things of that nature. As time goes on…show more content…
“It was generally assumed that she thought herself too good to work like the rest of the women and that Tea Cake “pomped her up tuh dat.” But all day long the romping and playing they carried on behind the boss’s back made her popular right away” (Hurston 157). Men on the field were surprised to see her pick of the basket to pick beans, but as time went on they grew fond of her and their opinions of her changed. TeaCake and Janie’s relationship is going so strong and so well, and Janie starts to reflect on her previous relationships and how they compare to hers with TeaCake. He makes dinner with her, respects her, and see’s her as equal to him, whereas the men in past relationships have not treated her, or seen her, like that. Janie wonders what the people in Eatonville would think of her being with a younger man, but laughs it off and doesn’t care because she is so happy with
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