Similarities Between Jaws And Midnight Cowboy

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A movie could seem completely different on the surface, but share many similarities. Midnight Cowboys and Jaws are a great example of this. One movie is a horror movie that uses gore to create a shock value. The other is a drama that shows a man trying to make it after moving from a small town to Manhattan. The concepts of these movies seem as if they would have no similarities, yet they are a lot more alike than one would think. Midnight Cowboy was an enjoyable movie. My main critic would be the flashbacks. I felt as if they did not fully tie into the story line. The choppy styled cinematography did not flow smoothly with the rest of the movie. Besides that, I loved the story. Jon Voight performed excellently as a man (Joe Buck) struggling…show more content…
Midnight Cowboy Was a man trying to make it in a city. He moved from a small town to Manhattan thinking he could make it easily. He got conned and used till he was forced to rely on the conman for help. Jaws on the other hand was the story of a man fighting a shark. He was trying to destroy a shark instead of making something of himself. Scheider character moved from the city to a small town. He was full of fear of the water. Voight’s character was full of hope. He thought everything would come easy for him. He expected to be able to bask in the bachelor life, while making money as a prostitute. Scheider was a police officer that wanted to focus on his family. The movies although have different plots, share similar…show more content…
Both movies focus on survival. In Jaws, it is the more extreme idea of surviving a shark attack. Midnight Cowboy focusing on surviving in the city. People were cruel to him, and he needed to make something of himself. He has to go through starvation, the cold, with no money to his name. The companion that was helping the protogenos survive died in both movies. Voight and Scheider only survived because these characters helped them. Both tragic deaths happened right before they reached their goal. The biggest similarity is the repeated use of music. Jaws created a masterpiece that symbols attack to come. Midnight Cowboy used repetitive music to tie the movie together. The simulations are undeniable and creates a tie within different genres. Most people would not notice the similarities at first glance due to the different plots, but the similarities are there. I enjoyed both movies. The different genres among the same themes are a great comparison

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