Similarities Between John And Elizabeth In The Crucible

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The Crucible focuses on witchcraft that takes place in Salem. Whenever Abigail speaks of a town’s person’s name involved in witchcraft she is believed by the court. Abigail’s ending hope to all her lies is to bring Elizabeth to her death. Revenge is wanted on Elizabeth due to being kicked out of the Proctor’s home because of a fling between her and Elizabeth’s husband, John. Abigail and Elizabeth both share their love for John and their personal characteristics are negative and positive. A major similarity of Elizabeth and Abigail is their love for John. Though the meaning behind their love is different. Elizabeth, of course, loves him since he is her husband. Also, Elizabeth knows John tries his hardest to keep his family in good shape. Abigail loves him for the fact that she yearns for a relationship with someone as handsome and hardworking as John. Jealousy takes over Abigail, so her goal is to get rid of Elizabeth so she can have him all to herself. John realizes Abigail’s goal and clearly states he wants no involvement in her life and will do anything to keep his wife and children alive. They both show their love for John, Elizabeth’s reasons are for the good while Abigail’s are selfish. Abigail has countless negative characteristics compared to Elizabeth. The misuse of her power…show more content…
Abigail, the accuser in the play, has more negative traits than Elizabeth. One who is classified as the accused in the play and a positive character would be Elizabeth. Abigail runs away from her lies before she is charged with witchcraft. Elizabeth is saved from her hanging because she is pregnant and during this time portrays selflessness when she doesn’t stop John from his hanging. Knowing that he would live with a lie or die knowing he told the truth. The main difference between the two is Elizabeth’s love for John is due to the person he is and Abigail’s reason is
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