Similarities Between John Locke And Rousseau

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European political thinkers such as John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau influenced the structure of the United States of America through their political views that were a new and revolutionary way of thinking, also known as the enlightenment. The enlightenment is a movement in the 17th and 18th century that emphasized reason and analyzation rather than the traditional way of thought. The American revolution and the ideas that came along with it, such as the constitution, continues to affect the country today by the government’s use of these ideas and developments.
Traditionally, people are very devout and base life on specific principles such as the bible. After this revolution of thought was established, people began to assess their lives and realize that reason is more valuable, and to base their life on that principle. It originated in Europe, then spread to the American colonies through their mother country, Great Britain. Even though the Old World eventually caught up, the colonies had already established self governing systems that were different from any other the world had known. The New World was a place for new ideas and ways of life. Since this way of thought raged in the colonies, and Britain was still virtually unchanged due to their centuries of tradition, the still newborn colonies were thirsty for these new ideas. The
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John Lock is an English philosopher and political theorist. He wrote down his ideas in his works and essays including the Essay Concerning Human Understanding. There is also evidence provided that suggests his influence on the idea of separation of church and state due to his essays on religious tolerance. This idea is still enforced today, although conflict in this area has been ongoing since the revolution. Locke’s ideas did not only help create the enlightenment, but also the foundation of the liberal society we have
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