Similarities Between John Stuart Mill And Edmund Burke

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“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves” (Reagan 1). This quote is fitting Edmund Burke. He was all about giving the government all the power, which is why he established an anarchy. John Stuart Mill had a very different opinion. He was very open to people having different views and opinions, as long as everyone was respectful. Burke and Stuart Mill had very different opinions on life which is why I will argue why each passage in my beliefs is the right one, what flaws they have, and which one is the better of the two articles. Reading Edmund Burke's passage I came across some pieces in the passages that were great. Burke wanted anarchy because…show more content…
His views were more favorable to the average human being. It would be a lot easier to live under Stuart Mill's views. He really stressed the freedom aspect. This made it a lot easier as a human to live because he wasn’t trying to run a country with anarchy. Like I mentioned above there were three big negatives with Anarchy, and they were “Without government money will become worthless. Without the government, there is nobody to protect the rights of the individual. The Government is good for the economy” (Maguire 1). These reasons alone would make it very scary to live in France. Stuart Mill on the other had was for the people. He was all about giving people right, until they gave the government a reason to take their freedom away. A quote that stuck out was “they have no right to interfere with a person's liberty so long as the person's action do no injury to others” (Perry 167). This seems like a lot easier way to live, and reminds me a lot of how America is today. We have a lot of rights, until we do something to get them taken away. America is ran very well, and that is why I think Stuart Mill had a way better passage than Edmund Burke. Even though the passages were written at different times, I find myself agreeing with Stuart Mill a lot more. I think the government shouldn’t interfere with with peoples rights, as long as they aren't harming anyone else. In my opinion Burke did have good intentions with France. They needed structure, but he just went over the top. Overall, I agreed with Stuart mill a lot more than
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