Similarities Between Judge Danforth And Reverend Hale In The Crucible

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Does The Crucible play connect to McCarthyism based on history repeating itself? It is widely known that Arthur Miller's characters in The Crucible are based on the era of McCarthyism where Senator McCarthy accuses innocent Americans of being communists. Through indirect and direct characterization, Reverend Hale in The Crucible begins to emerge as a pacifist for Salem when Judge Danforth's judgements spiral out of proportion. As Danforth protects his reputation and abuses power, Hale tries to make peace and have a voice of reason in the madness of Salem. Similarly, Senator McCarthy rises to power, protects his reputation, and makes Americans believe he is the only voice that can help fearful citizens in the nation.

In Act 1, Parris's home, Reverend Hale comes to Salem to discover the strange
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Judge Danforth and Reverend Hale, two prominent characters in the play, collide with one another as good versus evil. Reverend Hale's logical instincts keep him from plummeting into the plight of the power hungry people in Salem. As one of those power hungry people, Judge Danforth differs with Reverend Hale by guarding his in Salem and exploitation of power. In today's age, history of the Salem tragedy and McCarthyism foreshadow problems in society today. For example, muslims who escape to America because their towns are being destroyed by bombs and other weapons are seen as members of ISIS. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and today, people say they are terrorists because they are afraid. Republican Donald Trump further emphasizes that America should be aware of muslims and since he has an authoritative position in the society, people listen to him. No one should have to live in fear of being accused for something they did not do, but we can all hope that one day the world sees us as humans with rights and
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