Similarities Between Julius Caesar And Franz Ferdinand

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Franz Ferdinand and Julius Caesar's deaths were closely similar at all besides the point that they both got assasinated. While Caesar was a great leader, he was disliked by some. To contrast Franz Ferdinand was disliked by many and this is what lead to his assassination. Julius Caesar's death took place because he was dislike by most of the representatives of Rome, and this lead to him being killed by one of his closest friends in Brutus. In contrast, Franz was already feared and disliked by many and this lead to Gavrilo Princip to be ordered by the Black Hand to kill him. To elaborate on Caesar, he was widely loved by his people. An example of this would be in Act 2 Scene three when all of the romans gathered in the city to protest and the many plebeians shouted “O noble Caesar” and this simply shows the respect that the people of Rome had for Caesar. Another contrast between Caesar and Franz…show more content…
Franz Ferdinands ruling of Austria-Hungary was feared by many including serbian nationalists who at that time were feuding with the Austrians. Franz Ferdinand was killed by a member of the “Black Hand”.The assassin's name was Gavrilo Princip. He was a 19 year old in town to visit which just happened to be Franz's anniversary. Gavrilo and Franz had no connection unlike Caesar and Brutus. While Caesar and Franz Ferdinand's assassination had many differences one of the only similarity was the fact that they both lead to a war. Franz Ferdinand's death sparked the start of WW1 because he was the nephew of Emperor Franz Josef and heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire who was enraged at the idea his nephew had died and started a war with the Serbians. So in conclusion, Julius Caesar and Franz Ferdinand's assassinations had many differences such as who they were killed by and the effect it had on other people, but had a major similarity in the fact that they both sparked a huge

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