Similarities Between Kamehameha And Mandela

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Effective Leader Essay
King Kamehameha the Great and Nelson Mandela King Kamehameha and Nelson Mandela had many similarities and differences. Kamehameha was a Hawaiian that was in no position to become a chief, yet he became chief of all the islands. Nelson Mandela was a South African man, and was the son of Chief Henry Mandela. He was imprisoned by white men and became a worldwide symbol of resistance. He became the president of South Africa and served as a symbol of unity. Kamehameha and Mandela were effective leaders because they were persistent, powerful, and resilient. Both great leaders, these men were the first of their kind to do something that others didn’t even attempt. Kamehameha and Mandela were effective leaders because they didn’t give up or stop. They were both born into royalty. Mandela was imprisoned in 1964 and wasn’t released until 1990. He became a worldwide symbol during this time, then became the first black president of South Africa. Kamehameha was the first Hawaiian to unite all the Hawaiian islands. After the unification of the islands, he worked hard to trade and keep his kingdom under control. Mandela’s actions after he became president included speeches while
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He had South Africa become a democracy, so South Africans could be in the corridors of power as well as in polling booths. Mandela held his inauguration speech in 1994, stating clearly that South Africa will not be known as “the skunk of the world”, but as “the rainbow nation”. In 1995, South Africa hosted the Rugby World Cup, the first event that was ever held in South Africa. For Kamehameha, after he came into power, he started more trade and gained more goods. Some diseases spread because many foreigners were coming to stop at Hawaii for a pit stop. After he got beaten up by Keawema’uhili’s descendants, he created a new law called “The Law of The Splintered Paddle”, and made strict
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