Similarities Between Karl Marx And Brave New World

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At the same time Huxley reprimands Karl Marx with the characterization of Karl Marx and other characters. There are multiple parallels between Karl Marx and the characters in Brave New World. The first happened with the New Theory of Biology (177). A promising scientist was exiled to an island for being too radical and questioning the accepted normality. Marx was exiled from Prussia, France, and Belgium for challenging the political and economic structures of the countries. Helmholtz wrote poetry for an experiment and was disciplined severely and later he was exiled for leading a revolt. Karl Marx wrote controversial poetry and his famous novel Communist Manifesto and was exiled for his writings.
John the Savage had different ethnic origins in the Reservation and was not welcomed into their society similar to Karl Marx who was rejected from Prussian society because of his religious origins. Even after both tried to adapt and change, neither were fully accepted into the society. John learned their dances and their customs to fit in and be part of their rituals and Karl Marx changed religions twice due to religious prejudice in Prussia, but both did not achieve their goals of fitting into society (BBC News). Karl Marx was a passionate activist for Prussian reform for religion, economy, and political structure and
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Karl Marx and communism was denounced throughout the entire novel, primarily in Bernard Marx and the wrongdoings of communism and its principals. Marx 's ideals are used throughout the world today as a form of compromise between tyrant governments and their citizens in developing countries. While most countries change their governments to democracy, there are still strong communist states in the world. The most well-known states are North Korea and China that to this day can draw parallels similar to Brave New World under the conditioned aspect that they are the peak of human
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