Similarities Between Karl Marx And Communist Manifesto

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14 December 2016
Karl Marx & Sir Thomas More

Utopia and The Communist Manifesto are two different pieces of work with different perspectives regarding society, Marx and More share similar theories about ownership. Ownership is a tangible asset that a person has complete control and authority over. Marx’s approach towards ownership is more aggressive and demanding, whereas More 's approach is much more amicable. Utopia, written by More, discusses a man 's journey to a new society that is considered nearly perfect. Raphael Hythloday an acquaintance of more’s discussed his travels throughout various parts of the world, ultimately stumbling across a land called Utopia. While the discussion of Utopia
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If things are shared and people are given what they need to thrive on then the possible outcome can be such, as that of Utopia, but such development will take a lot of time and effort to achieve. When comparing Utopia to The Communist Manifesto it makes the nation of utopia seem unattainable. The two nations are basically opposite of one another. One nation is filled with people that work together to achieve a goal that seems impossible and the other nation take advantage of their people in anyway possible so they can live a better life. To other people that might compare the two nations, they might say that The Communist Manifesto is more realistic our time in a society where people usually take advantage of one another, even if that means stepping on them to obtain success, than a nation called utopia that contain many unrealistic laws and plans. Some of the laws in utopia might be attainable, but many of them are not because at the end of the day people are selfish and only think about themselves and not how their actions will affect everyone as a whole. Utopia is a society that doesn’t succeed by many individual owning different asset or tangible items, but it works because there are no fights amongst themselves due to the greed of wanting

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