Similarities Between Korea And Japan

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Have you ever tried to deepen into comparison, or even contrast of Japan and South Korea? Both of the two countries have long blossomed histories, distinct art and literature works, that are going through remarkable economic development. These characteristics like religious beliefs and government policies helped them to grow faster compared to other countries. They both are major industrial countries with high technology now and they are still growing. When looking at their efforts to put emphasis on educating the future generations it seems like they will continue to grow in the future as well. It is easily seen that they have a lot in common, although, on the contrary, a few notable differences may be observed between both countries. Japan and South Korea share similarities in the criminal world, but when things come to music industry, both countries show distinct approach. First, violent crime rates and cultivated sex industry are where both, South Korea and Japan, share tons of similarities. Crime rates are very low in either of them, as it is supposed to be in highly developing countries, in which both countries are counted. South Korea is listed as the country with the lowest crime index among 120 countries by the mid of 2015 year with 16.90, whereas Japan is just few places higher with 20.84 ( Crime index is an estimation of overall level of crime in a given country. Analysis of sexual assault and intentional homicide rate show relevance of such low

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