Similarities Between Lincoln And Martin Luther King

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Leaders emerged. Battles were fought. People were defeated. Just when they have lost all means of hope, miracles happened. Hope was gained back, armies stormed forward and the day was won. Hope, the feeling that propelled them from fiction to reality. Martin Luther King Jr, Matamata Ghandi and Abraham Lincoln led armies of protest to fight the battle of human civilization. Hope led them from thinking all is lost to coming back and winning the war. Martin Luther King Jr was born into United States when blacks were treated with vast injustice and had no opportunities and rights for life. King, being a black himself, wanted to have them viewed as human also. He was intent to stop this inhumane treatment due to the famous speech he gave, I Have A Dream. He believed in harmony between the two races and that one day “the sons of former slaves and the sons…show more content…
Once, in a North/South House divided speech, Lincoln announced prophetically, the potential for slavery to divide the nation. The election of Lincoln as President in 1861, sparked the South to separate from the North. The idea of splitting up had been growing for many years in the South and the election of a president opposed to slavery was the final straw. However, Lincoln strongly opposed the breakaway of the South and so this led to the American civil war. He oversaw many of the military aspects of the war and promoted the general Ulysses S Grant to oversee the northern forces. As the war progressed Lincoln increasingly made the issue of ending slavery throughout. To Lincoln, slavery was inhumanely wrong. Finally, on January 1, 1863, Lincoln issued his memorable Emancipation Proclamation that declared the freedom of slaves within the Confederacy. Eventually, after four years of bitterness, the Federal forces secured the surrender of the defeated south. Lincoln had saved the union and also brought the end of
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