Similarities Between Lion King And Hamlet

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Similarities; There is a lot of similarities between Hamlet & The Lion King. In both storylines there is a king, and both the main families are royalty. Both the “uncle” figures are similar, they’re both secretly evil, and they’re both murderers. Both of the fathers (kings) die at the uncle’s hand. Both the princes (the king’s sons) end up leaving, and going elsewhere, because in Hamlet the uncle convinces Hamlet to leave, and to secretly get killed (which doesn’t end up working), & in the Lion King, Scar convinces Simba to run and hide, which he set the hyenas after him to try to kill him (which doesn’t work). Both of their fathers wind up coming back as ghosts. Simba’s dad tries to convince him to get back to his roots to save the kingdom. In the end, both the princes wind up fighting their uncles, to get justice for them murdering their fathers.…show more content…
Some differences are their ages, Hamlet is a lot older when his father dies, than what Simba is. Another difference is that majority of the characters died in Hamlet, but in The Lion King only two characters died. Another difference is that in The Lion King, Simba ends up getting a good ending, where in Hamlet, Hamlet ends up dying at the

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