The Joker

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During Mythological times Loki, the god of mischief depicts an ancient version of our more modern character The Joker from the DC Universe. Joker reimages our interpretation Loki in many ways, for example, both have an aptitude for causing chaos, mayhem, and are a catalyst for change. Negative human emotion caused by early psychological stress have a correlation with late behavior as can be observed clearly in the Norse god Loki and the Joker. When comparing both Loki and Joker they do not seem to have the same motives in why they revel in our creation of chaos. However, they both express the same desire to cause such chaos. “The Norse trickster god, Loki is undoubtedly the most debated figure from Norse mythology to this day. Though he appears…show more content…
The rest, of course, is detailed previous in this essay and it can easily be seen as to what consequences he faced due to his inability to deal with his psychological stressors. Joker was a bit different because he went through a more external situation seeing as how he fell into toxic chemicals due to a conflict with the Batman, as it is seen in this quote "The Joker, initially portrayed as a small-time crook. Which was driven insane by accident with toxic chemicals. Which then depicted him with shiny white skin, ruby red lips permanently fixed in demonic grin, and bright green hair" (The Joker, Kathleen Kuiper 2008). This, of course, is more about his surrounding which made him into a psychotic wreck of a person. In turn, this later lead to a domino effect that gradually increased his chaotic ways, by becoming a cold murderer killing rich victims for their money because all that Joker wanted was money and power, thus lead to him being more controllable of his psychotic ways and became more of a jokester and evil…show more content…
Personality changes and problems with behavior can be seen in both of the characters Loki and Joker. Psychological stress can also impact the person and the environment around them, and in the case of Joker the psychological stress that he endured then caused him to have a radical change in behavior to completely transforming him into a separate individual to what he was before which impacted not only him but to the environment around him. The people of Gotham have a big impact on how The Joker expresses himself reflecting much of the same chaos the city experiences on a natural basis from having so many different individuals in one place. Loki’s case differs in that his psychological stress was one he felt due to feeling like he was always under his brother’s shadow and was never going to be able to surpass him in anything. This is further compounded due to the fact that Thor was a real god born of Odin and Loki was born of giants and later found by Odin himself. This meant he would never have as much power as Thor ever did, so instead of staying under his brother’s shadow, Loki would instead become a god of mischief and chaos. As seen in this quote “Loki grew increasingly evil. Angry with the gods because they now disliked him, which then he arranged the death of Odin’s son Balder.” (Loki, Myths, and
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