Similarities Between Lord Of The Rings And Star Wars

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Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are both brilliant films in not only mine, but many others opinions. Both, high intensity productions are made up of extremely memorable characters who are on a mission for something very important to their well-being. Both franchises have accumulated a lot of success using similar sci-fi techniques. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars take an approach on many different ideas but both have something great to offer to the public.

A very broad yet, accurate similarity between the two hit franchises is the overall goal of both movies to prevent the evil from attempting total dictatorship over their universe. In Star Wars, the idea of the story is that the "dark side" of the force is trying to take over the central government of all the planets in the universe for evil. In comparison, the plot behind Lord of the Rings is that Sauron is creating an army of monsters and is doing everything in is power to retrieve his missing ring which holds enough power necessary to conquer middle earth. To counter the evil entities that lurk in both film, there is an unexpected hero that rises to put his life on the line for humanity as they know it.

In addition to the vile foe, both movies equip the side full of good people with some unique "magic" like powers. In Star Wars, the Jedi have the power of the force. The force is a trained work of art that allows the Jedi to perform some cool stuff such as moving things with their mind, extreme focus and channeling
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