Similarities Between Louisa May Alcott And Edgar Allan Poe

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Louisa May Alcott and Edgar Allan Poe were both great novelists. They both accomplished a lot of things. Louisa May Alcott was born on November 29, 1832 in Germantown Pennsylvania. When she first started writing she wrote under the pen name Flora Fairfield and A.M Barnard. She’s been writing short stories, thrillers, and juvenile tales since 1851.She didn’t start using her real name until she was ready to commit to her writing. Although she is most famous for her novel “Little Women” she wrote other books. Some of these books are “Hospital Sketches”, “Atlantic Monthly”, and “lady’s Companion”. Most of her books and short stories ideas were from her family life. From 1850 to 1862 Louisa worked as a domestic servant and a teacher. She also…show more content…
His father was David Poe Jr. and his mother was Elizabeth Arnold Poe. His father left the family. Edgar’s Mother died of TB. Edgar had an older brother and a younger sister. Edgar’s foster family were the Allan’s. When Edgar was a teenager he didn’t have a good relationship with his foster father John Allan. John didn’t agree with Edgar wanting to be a writer. When he started attending college at University of Virginia in 1826, he turned to gambling due to lack of money. He was an American writer, poet, critic, and editor. The only novel he wrote was called “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”. Edgar was mainly well known for his short stories. Some of these stories were The Black Cat, The Raven, Annabel Lee, and The Tell-Tale Heart. He joined the US Army in 1827. In 1836 Edgar married his cousin Virginia when she was only 13 and he was 24. He lost lost his job as a lawyer and writer in 1837 due to excessive drinking. Edgar’s wife Virginia died of tuberculosis on January 30, 1847. We are not really sure what happened in his last few days. It still remains a mystery. What we do know is He left Richmond on September 27, 1849. We believe that he was on his way to Philadelphia. Edgar was found in Baltimore on October 3rd. Edgar died four days later at Washington College Hospital. His last words were “Lord, help my poor

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