Similarities Between MLK And JFK Comparison Speech

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MLK ad JFK comparison speech essay Ayah Collins My life would be completely altered if not for the effects that Civil Rights had on America. The Civil Rights movement changed the lives of American's in many ways unimaginable to some. My life, for example, would be non-existent; my mother would have never come to America knowing it was a country that would limit her freedom. If she had hypothetically not known that coming to America she would be faced with white people who believed they had the ascendancy to treat colored people as inferiors, I still wouldn't have a chance at life due to the fact my father is a white man. The entire civil rights movement has affected so many colored Americans. Civil Rights has caused African Americans to be able to be treated like a human being and not just as some animal;…show more content…
Both MLK and JFK's speeches were written in 1963 where racism was still an active part of innumerable American lives. The fact it was written in 1963 is salient because if it had been written in 2016 or 1942 the response from the media and citizens would in all probability have a significantly different response. Another example of a similarity that both the " I Have A Dream" speech and the "Civil Rights Address" is that they were both written to help American's realize that African Americans deserve rights just like whites. This is important because if not for this point of view, helping persuade people to think of people of color as equivalents. Kennedy and King both wanted to despire peace. The final similarity that will be included in this paper is how they both were televised they may not have been able to reach people if not for modern television. The vast majority of America would not have been able to experiences these speeches. Dr.King and President Kennedy both have similarities that may have been vital in spreading their
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