Similarities Between Macbeth And Animal Farm

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animal farm and Macbeth

Theme of two novels
First of all, for each work you must think about what the author's message is concerning fear, since "fear" alone is not a theme. In "Macbeth," the titular character arguably rules by fear, as is demonstrated when notable characters like Malcolm and Donalbain must flee the country in fear for their lives, and also when it is intimated through Lennox's dialogue with an unnamed Scottish lord that most Scots suspect Macbeth of the recent murders but are too afraid to do anything about it, even to talk about it openly.
The pigs in "Animal Farm" also rule by fear. The other animals on the farm are easily influenced by the pigs' threats that Mr. Jones may come back to the farm if they are not obeyed.
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You may want to analyze how the use of fear tactics from those in absolute power is corruptive. Both Macbeth and the pigs certainly become corrupt due to their power.

Similarities and differences animal farm and Macbeth have many commons elements that can be paralleled between the two stories. The both share elements such as power hungry tyrants who go to extremes to secure their power and use other as scapegoats. Even though both tyrants have similar goals they both have very different method of reaching them.

Macbeth has the same basic goal as Napoleon and wishes to attain power and secure it. Both Napoleon and Macbeth are tyrants that go to great length to protect their power. They believe in killing or chasing away anyone who undermines their
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