Similarities Between Macbeth And Henthorn

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Two men plot the murder of the people who they swore loyalty to, the ones they promised to protect, all in the name of wealth. The victims have little clue and trusts their death angel more than anyone. Little do both victims know they've welcomed death into their homes and hearts. The story seems eerily familiar and too fictional to be true, yet it is both. One of those men is Macbeth, who is a loyal soldier driven by ambition, and the other is Henthorn, a man blinded by greed. Both stories, despite their settings and time period are strikingly similar. Both Shakespeare's Macbeth and the horrifying Henthorn murder story display the effects of greed, ambition and the lines many are willing to cross for wealth. The stories also feature the…show more content…
Despite all the odds, Macbeth and Henthorne both manage to defend their innocence by staging accidents. As time went by, their undiscovered crimes only made them more confident. Macbeth went on to kill more people, seemingly not affected by guilt anymore. Like Macbeth, Henthorne also believed himself to be indivisible. After getting away with the murder of his first wife, Ben Henthorne staged the death of his second wife, only a decade later. People grew suspicious and both of their crimes were unveiled after some time. Betrayal and deceit never lead to a happily ever after. Duncan was attacked by a rebellion after people caught on to him. He was ultimately overturned and killed in a humiliating way. Although, Henthorne got away with the murder of his first wife, he couldn't cash on his luck the second time around. Police became suspicious after realizing that Henthorne was the sole witness of death for both his wives as well as the only benefactor of both their insurance companies. Eventually, Henthorne was convicted of two cases of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Although both men were able to enjoy the fruits of their action for some time, they ultimately suffered the
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