Similarities Between Macbeth And Macduff

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The authoritarian personality both Macbeth and Jack have allows them to keep their power without being challenged by their followers. While Macbeth is being crowned king, Macduff is not present. He does not acknowledge Macbeth as king. He even goes as far as to flee to England to bring Malcolm back to be king. He convinces Malcolm by telling him that with a tyrant as their leader, Scotland is doomed and he does not want to see that happen. Macduff realizes that Macbeth is making everyone suffer and that the citizens are living in fear. Authoritarians are leaders that enforce strict obedience and rule with force. Macduff recognizes that this is the type of king Macbeth is. He explains to Malcolm that Scotland’s future will be unsure if Macbeth…show more content…
After meeting with the witches of his own accord, Macbeth is informed that Macduff has fled to England. He views Macduff as a traitor committing treason and orders for Macduff’s family and everyone in his castle to be killed. Macbeth made this decision after hearing news that made him very angry and takes it out on an innocent family. Macduff even leaves his family because he thinks that he is protecting them from Macbeth. He uses Macduff’s family as an example of his power and what would happen if people try to betray him. He has no mercy for them even though they are not directly involved. Macbeth is ruling his people with force and anything that can be seen as a threat to him, he eliminates it before it becomes serious. His people are afraid of him since he has become king. He is authoritarian because he leads with his fists and forces his subjects to do what he wants, like making them murder an entire innocent family, and they do it. people also follow orders given by Jack from Lord of the Flies due to fear. After the boys get back from hunting and searching for the beast, Jack calls an assembly with the

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