Macbeth And Modern Entertainment Essay

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The Correlation Between Macbeth and Modern Entertainment The Tragedy of Macbeth was written with many themes along the same lines as themes we would see in movies, literature, and music found in our society today. For its time, it was accelerated way beyond any literature we would see written then with these new themes. Macbeth contained violence, inhumane murder, a woman driven role, ambition, and a looming sense of evil. Between the constant violence and the introduction of the lead female role, most works of film today are centered around what Macbeth brought to the table long ago. The main character of Macbeth was a man who was driven to prevail, he would not let anything or anyone get in his way until he accomplished his task. Many…show more content…
It has captivated the minds of readers ever since the creation of the fictional story, The Epic of Gilgamesh. This epic was written in 2000 bc, many centuries before shakespeare’s time according to The Encyclopedia Britannica. Yet, violence is a huge part of storytelling in the 1500’s. This recurring theme of death and gore was used by Shakespeare much like it is used by film writers and directors today. These writers provoke the dark side of storytelling; this has a certain effect on audiences. Something about the darkness and evil of violence gets their attention. For example, most of the top grossing movies of all time each include a side of violence. In’s article ‘ALL-TIME BOX-OFFICE TOP 100 FILMS’, the following movies are listed in the top: Avatar, Jurassic World, The Star Wars Franchise, and The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. These films, some of the highest (world) grossing movies of all time are all centered around and focused on using one crucial piece of storytelling, violence. As we saw in Macbeth, Shakespeare surrounds his story around violence. From the callous murder of the king, to Macbeth’s brutal death, Shakespeare avidly portrays each scene with the dark and looming presence of evil much as directors and actors of our time
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