Similarities Between Macbeth And Truman

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All figures that are in the spotlight have one thing in common, they are sneaky and good at lying. Both Harry S. Truman and Macbeth were examples of covering up choices and mistakes. They both had a way with words and were eloquent in speech, they were able to change the opinions of the people that were around them. Macbeth may be a fictional character created from the mind of a man, but Truman still shares qualities with him. The connecting aspects include, bold speech, genocide, and disapproval by many. Although society now looks at Truman as being one of the greatest presidents as he was able to end World War II. Macbeth is viewed as one of the greatest fictional characters ever created, it is said that, “ ambition can tarnish even the…show more content…
With this looming over his head, his morals changed. Macbeth was an upstanding man who seemed to have a high sense of self-worth in the beginning of the play however, by the end of the play the opinion of the audience has changed. He has changed from a once humble and meek man to a man who craves power and has murdered numerous people. ”Macbeth forcefully shoved those considerations aside, disregarding God Himself and the laws he implanted in nature and men's souls, in effect making himself a god; as a consequence, Scotland bled.”(C. Curtis). He was once followed the law that the land abides by but by the end of the play he has blatantly disregarded the law and the moral law that God has set for us. This creates a man who feels as though he has all of the power and is above those that are making the decision for world ensuring safety. It is questionable whether or not he was indeed making these choices for himself or for the good of his people that were to come, “... penetrating inquiry into the moral and legal issues confronting warrior and, by extension, the citizen and ruler”(Riccomini). Meaning if a person is also a ruler does that make them subject to the law that the are enforcing or are they above the law. If that is the case then the ruler would cause that no matter the choices they make they will never pay the consequence for their actions. This will make for an extremely dangerous…show more content…
He was involved with some of America’s greatest downfalls and triumphs. This made him one of the most courageous men in America’s eyes, “ seems to me that President Harry Truman made the right decision to drop the atomic bombs”(Wieman). There were many who fought in the war that were highly in favor of him and all that he stood for because he was able to defeat the enemy. However there were still people who felt as though he did not handle those situations well enough. Although there was an outpouring of adoration for the president there was also a backlash from those who were not as understanding towards the choices that were made. Barton J Bernstein said, “Leahy passionately condemned the bombings as unethical and even barbarous. Yet, the available records, including his own diary, give no indication that he expressed this opinion to Truman or to any other government associate before the bombings”(Bernstein). This simply stated the attacks were an act of barbarism and hatred towards a nation. In no way did this man support the violent attitude and responses to an attack on the United States. When a child is arguing or fighting with another person it is said to turn the other cheek or to not fuel fire with fire. Does the same rule not apply in warfare? If anyone was able to turn the other cheek and simply keep the attacks, “ethical” then wouldn’t they be the bigger nation

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