Similarities Between Madam Lockton And Isabelle

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Madam Lockton and Isabelle from the book Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson are two very different people, but they also have similarities. Madam Lockton is known as a rude stingy selfish woman, treated very well. Isabelle Is a selfless nice humble girl. This story takes place in 1776 in New York when slaves were abused during the revolutionary war. One difference between Madam Lockton and Isabelle is selfishness. Madam Lockton is known to be very selfish in the book. She does not care what Isabelle or her sister Ruth need. On the other hand, Isabelle is so selfless in everything she does. In Chains when Ruth laughs when she’s not supposed to Isabelle stood up for her and got slapped, that shows true selflessness and bravery. Another difference that Isabelle and Madam Lockton share is the way they are treated. Madam Lockton is treated with respect and gets things she needs. Madam Lockton can do pretty much whatever she wants to. On the contrary, Isabelle is a slave during the cruelest time in America. She is treated very bad and also disrespected. In Chains Isabelle is not allowed to go anywhere she has no rights and has no personal possessions. Madam Lockton does not allow Isabelle to talk either.…show more content…
Both of them are abused. Isabelle is abused by Madam Lockton a lot and is disliked. In the book chains when she stood up for Ruth she was slapped. Madam Lockton I also abused very much by her husband. In chains when Madam Lockton and Mr. Lockton were fighting he slapped her on the cheek and yelled at her. They would also both do anything for their families. Although Isabelle and Madam Lockton were very different people treated very differently, they still had similarities and similar characteristics. In the book chains both their similarities and differences showed throughout Anderson's
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