Similarities Between Malcolm X And Martin Luther King Jr

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Ideologies of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X The Civil Rights Movement 1950s and1960s consisted of the efforts made by Civil rights activist to end racial segregation and discrimination. Even though basic civil rights for African America where granted through the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments of the United States Constitution (Franklin, 535-536). However, Jim Crow laws and institutionalized racism continued to oppress African Americans decades later and considered them second class citizen. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X are probably the most prominent African American civil rights leaders of the 20th century. The two of them are icons of contemporary African-American culture and had a great influence on equality for not just African Americans but all races in America till this very day (Mintz, 30). Who lives where drastically cut short with the assassination of them before they could see their goals for the African America races achieved. Thought they had different philosophies they main goal was achieve equality between all races. They believe differently on the means to achieve their goals (the use of violence), the important of whites in achieving the Civil Rights movement and integration. Thought Dr. …show more content…

Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X greatly influenced by their strong individual faiths. There ideologies had important role development and practice of the ideologies. Martin Luther King Jr. embrace the beliefs of Christianity and become a minister at a Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Malcolm X after six years in prison was released where he joined the Nation of Islam (Carson, 13-14). This where his belief of racial separation, the inherent evil of whites, and the need to embrace African culture(Cone, 179). Malcolm X believed that black people must no longer view themselves through white lenses since black people will never value themselves as long as they subscribe to a standard of valuation that devalues them

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