Similarities Between Mali And Songhai

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The African kingdoms Ghana, Mali, Songhai
The African nations of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, shared so many characteristics between each other. For one primary comparison is, all three ancient empires relied on the trans-Saharan trading routes and their lush amount of gold, copper and other natural resources. They established many political ties with many Arab countries and nearby African societies. These three nations shared abundantly cultural similarities from just the rise of Islam. All three of them shared the standard lifespan of incredible growth, expansion of wealth and resources, and then finally ending. All three of these empires starting from Ghana to Songhai chronology inherited the same trade routes and geopolitical and cultural traditions
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At its rise, it was one of the biggest nations in African history. During the second half of the 13th century, Gao the capital of Songhai became an important trading center and drew the attention of the Mali Empire. Mali conquered Gao. Gao would remain under Malian control until the late 14th century. The Songhai took over the Mali Empire after it fell. The empire also took over the trade too. Songhai controlled trade and politics from about 1464 to 1700. It launched forward by the Sorko people, masters of boating and fishing along the Niger River. The Sorko not only dominated the river regarding trade but also, regarding military power. Sonni Ali (Songhai’s first imperial king ) and his forces conquered Timbuktu in 1468 then making Songhai power in the region. "Songhai and to achieve control of the Trans-Saharan trade routes. As was the case with some earlier Malian leaders, Sonni Ali valued original forms of religious practice beside Islam" (Empires of medieval West Africa). Songhai thrived for many years till it fell into unstableness because of unsuccessful emperors. Eventually, Songhai Empire collapsed. The Dendi Kingdom succeeded the empire as the continuation of Songhai culture and
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