Similarities Between Mandela And Malala

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela. “All I want is an education, and I am afraid of no one” - Malala Yousafzai. Nelson Mandela and Malala both have been through a lot in their lifetimes, more than a single person should experience. Yousafzai and Mandela fought for what they believed in and suffered the consequences in doing so. Both of them have been fighting for their rights and beliefs. Malala was fighting for her, and many other girls rights to go to school and have a good education like everyone else. Mandela fought for his racial rights and his beliefs. Both of them had to suffer through many challenges. Malala was shot and nearly killed by a Taliban while Mandela was arrested…show more content…
In south africa, there was a large amount of racism that was going on. Mandela believed this was very unfair, so he fought for his rights. He was arrested because he was going against the government. To prove, “For 20 years, he directed a campaign of peaceful, nonviolent defiance against the South African government and its racist policies. Beginning in 1962, Mandela spent 27 years in prison for political offenses.” He did nothing violent, like Malala. Mandela and Malala peacefully spoke out to try and get their point across. This was him fighting for his beliefs. Ultimately, he faced large consequences unfortunately for doing some. After being jailed for 27 years he was freed and kept fighting, despite consequences he can continue to face. He was than the south-african president for 4 years. He made large changes to the government to ensure everything was fair. This is how he fought for what he believed in, like…show more content…
She felt devastated that girls couldn’t get a good education like the boys could. It was all because of the Taliban, who was stopping her and many other girls across pakistan. She stood up for her rights and spoke out against them. She still attended school after many threats made towards her and her father. One day, while she was riding home from school, the taliban stopped her bus, and shot her straight in the head. I Am Malala states, “‘We carried out this attack, and anybody who speaks against us will be attacked in the same way,’said Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for the TTP. ‘Malala has been targeted because of her pioneer role in preaching secularism . . . She was young but she was promoting Western culture in Pashtun areas. She was proWest; she was speaking against the Taliban; she was calling President Obama her idol.’” The Taliban went against Malala because she was fighting for what she believed in; she was going against the ways of the Taliban. She barely survived the attack. The bullet just missed her brain. She had to be transported to a hospital in England to get immediate medical care because none of the hospitals near her were equipped to help her. She was in the hospital for a long time. Even after she was released, she continues to fight for what she believes. This supports the theme, just like Mandela. Malala has changed and touched the lives of millions around the
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