Similarities Between Marjane Satrapi And Malala Yousafzai

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Everyone has opinions, though most aren’t willing to share, especially when the stakes are high for doing so. But, what if speaking up could help others, even if there is a potential threat? Would more people be inclined to speak their mind? Marjane Satrapi and Malala Yousafzai are two women raised in non-traditional middle eastern families who have faced imminent threat in their efforts to share their own opinion about the radical Islamic authority they live under. Although Marjie’s actions put her at risk for danger, her courage to speak out on women’s rights against the Islamic regime invites fundamentalists within her society see the radical circumstances they are subjected to, so traditionalists can become aware of different perspectives…show more content…
In Pakistan, women are prohibited from getting an education. Though Marjane and Malala are from different countries under two different extremes of radical Islamic rulings, their educational beliefs are consistent with one another. Just like Marji, Malala grew up in a progressive family where her father, a teacher and protestor, encouraged her to become an educated woman. Inspired by her father, she promised “I will get my education- if it is at home, in school, or any place. They [The Taliban] cannot stop me" (malala, he named me malala). Though she and her family knew it was dangerous for her to attend school, she continued to do so, and also became an active political speaker for women’s rights to education. Eventually, the Taliban raided Malala’s school and she was shot in the head for attempting to receive an education. Luckily, Malala survived the attack, but she was exiled from Pakistan and threatened to be killed if she returns. Malala continues to pursue her education in Britain after she recovered. When asked if she feels anger or fear towards the Taliban, she responds, "No. Not even as small as an atom. Or maybe a nucleus of an atom. Or maybe a proton. Or maybe a quark" (malala, he named me malala). As much of the world stands with Malala’s efforts, she is now an international stand to women’s education against women oppressive societies throughout the world, and can be considered a threat to the

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