Similarities Between John Calvin And Martin Luther

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John Calvin and Martin Luther were both theologians and reformers. As you read, you’ll find out some differences and similarities between them. Their influence is still seen now a day. The weird thing is that they never met or spoke to each other.
Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483, in Eisleben, Saxony, in southeast Germany. He was a man of action. He became one of the most influential figures in Christian history after his achievement in the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. When Martin was seven years old, he studied in a school in Mansfeld. At the age 14, he went to Magdeburg, where he continued his studies. In 1498, he returned to Eisleben and entered a school, where he studied grammar, rhetoric and
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He was born in Noyon, Picardy, France on July 10th, 1509; twenty-five years after Luther. He was a shy man; unsociable, in comparison with Luther. But, both Luther and Calvin were reluctant to fight the opposition, even though Calvin was more than Luther. Unlike Martin, he was born into the church. He started studying Theology when he was 14 years old, in a university in Paris. He was not a novice in the biblical languages, but was not formally theologically trained like Luther. While being there, he became interested in the teachings of Humanism. He also became attached to a reform group trying to reform the Roman Catholic Church. In about 1528, when Calvin was 19 years old and he completed his Master’s degree in Theology, his father sent him to the University of Orleans in order to study law, as Martin did too. His father didn’t want him to be still a theologian because he had fallen out with the Catholic authorities in Noyon. During the next 3 years, Calvin studied at Orleans, and earned his doctorate in law and his license to practice as a lawyer. His father died in 1531, so Calvin was free to decide what he wanted to be. He decided to pursue the life of a scholar, immersing himself in the study of the new Renaissance ideas. Between 1532 and 1534, Calvin became attached with those in Paris who were trying to reform the church and were advocating the teachings of Martin Luther. When Nicolas Cop was accused of heresy, Calvin had

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