Similarities Between Mesopotamia And Egyptian Civilization

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Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian Civilizations
Religion in ancient time was known to influence peoples’ views and ways of life such as geographically, spiritually, politically, and even scientific discoveries made. Religion was the foundation of Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian civilizations. Both known for their polytheistic believes and rituals. Sharing similar concepts of explaining supernatural events though mythology. Yet the relationship shared in religious views between Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt was very different. They both believed in gods and afterlife, but their characterization was very much unalike. Differences in their religious believes serving ones’ individual needs were important in demonstrating the religious impact in Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian Civilizations. Therefore, I shall discusses the geography, government, and art in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt civilizations. Geography played a big role in both Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian civilization. When it came to agriculture, Mesopotamia in the beginning of civilization was rich in cereal and grains but lacked stone and materials, while Egypt was rich with sandstone, limestone, and granite; perfect elements for the creation of materials, and cultivating mostly emmer and barley (Faltas, 2018). Egyptians and Mesopotamian constructions were also very different; Egyptians constructed tomb and pyramids with beautiful stones while Mesopotamia constructed ziggurats and monuments with sunbaked

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