Similarities Between Mexico And Brazil

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Throughout history, Mexico and Brazil have been two of the biggest, powerful and influential countries in Latin America. Both of this countries share many social, political, economic and cultural similarities, but they also have many differences. Their Native people, struggle for independence, Revolution and social reforms were very parallel but distinct. Before the Spaniards and Portuguese arrived to the America different group of indigenous inhabited the land. Pre-Columbian Mexico was home to fully sedentary group of indigenous with “great empires…permanently sustainable forms of agriculture”[1]. The Aztec a well organized complex society with religion, language, commerce, caste system, and knowledge in mathematics and astrology.…show more content…
Mexican independence started in 1810 with Father Miguel Hidalgo who was able “sparked a massive rebellion of indigenous and mestizo peasants.”[5] And lead the battle of Dolores. Father Jose Maria Morelos, a mestizo who fought for five years lead military campaigns. Independence revolt and conflicts continue until 1821 when the plan of Iguala established Mexico as an independent constitutional monarchy under Agustin de Iturbide. The struggle for independence in Brazil was so different from the one in Mexico because Brazil was the center of the Portuguese empire since Portuguese royal family and nobles fled to Brazil escaping the French army under the leadership of Napoleon. After the defeat of Napoleon, in 1829 King Joao returns Lisbon in1821 leaving his son Prince Pedro in charge. In 1822, Prince Pedro “declared Brazil an independent constitutional monarchy with him as a monarch”[6] at the end both countries after acquiring independence were still led by a

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