Similarities Between Michael Corleon And The Godfather

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The Melancholy Dean vs. The Melancholy Don In Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather,’ the protagonist, Michael Corleone, is not typically looked at as a tragic hero. Although he does not have an obvious definitive “fatal flaw,” many similarities can be drawn between him and one of the most famous tragic heroes, Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Their roles as troubled heirs to power, the theme of revenge, and the concept of a fall from “grace” are only a few examples of how these two figures can be associated. To further explore, we must understand the origins of the stories and what set both of these characters up for their ultimate fate. Michael Corleone is a well educated man who had spent time in the Marines, and had no design on entering the mafia world in which his father was so powerful. During his time in the service, Michael had been awarded several honors for his bravery and and the rank of captain. He was even featured as a war hero in a 1944 issue of ‘Time Magazine.’ In the opening scene of ‘The Godfather,’ Michael is discussing his future with his college sweetheart, Kay Adams. He states that he plans to attend university and ultimately become a legitimate politician. His father, Don Vito Corleone, supports his decision to live his life in the legitimate world, but is upset that Michael had not consulted him before re-entering college. For several months, business operates as usual, but shortly before Christmas 1945, there is an assassination attempt on Vito by kingpin Virgil

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