Classical Hero Vs Modern Hero Essay

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Is the definition of a modern and classical hero pretty much the same, or is it different? In ways it could be the same, but also, they do have their differences. A classical hero is an ancient or historic hero. An example of one is a superhero like Superman. A modern hero is someone who puts others before themselves and is selfless in a good way. An example of one of these is a person who would give their own life to protect another . Classical and modern heroes have their similarities, but they also have their differences.
Despite how different they may seem, classical and modern heroes do in fact have some obvious similarities that may be difficult to point out. Both types are incredibly brave. Superman, who is an example of a classical hero was extremely brave A classical hero we learned about was Joan of Arc. She was a hero to many people for many reasons. Joan was spoken to by God, and she used what she had heard from him to help win a war. France and
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I believe she did this because by reading this story, I can tell that Fagan is a selfless, kind person who alot of people look up to. It did in fact state in this text that she was one of the more popular of the staff members because of her great enthusiasm. Anyway, Jencie Fagan is an example of a modern hero because she saved others by putting herself in danger. Clearly, a modern and a classical hero are two different things, but they also have their similarities. In the supporting paragraphs above, it shows that classical heros are more glorified. This means that they are a little bit exaggerated almost and they almost fit into the fantasy genre. Modern heroes are more selfless. By selfless I mean they put others in front of themselves to protect them from being harmed both mentally, and physically. Overall, both types of heros are extremely brave and are both special in their own
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