Similarities Between Natural Science And Mathematics

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How can we know that the knowledge we have is trustworthy in Natural science and mathematics? Knowledge is facts, information or skills that are acquired through experience and education, its the theoretical or practical understanding of a certain subject. Knowledge that is trustworthy is knowledge that is able to be relied upon as honest and truthful information. While looking at Natural science and mathematics we will see that mathematics isn’t necessarily more reliable but the knowledge we obtain in these subjects will be different. Mathematics can be seen as more trustworthy because it uses reasoning. Natural science on the other hand can be seen as less trustworthy than mathematics because it relies on observation. The information we obtain will be affected by different peoples bias for instance in natural science there is a well known bias called observer bias which is a common tendency for a researcher to draw a conclusion from the results based on their own preconceptions of the problem. In mathematics there is a less chance of bias when obtaining the information because the subject relies…show more content…
In mathematics the knowledge we obtain is justified with reason that have straightforward theories and laws. In natural science on the other hand the information we collect is firstly obtained with observations which can be perceived in the wrong manner and then carried out wrong after that, in the natural world things are always changing therefore the results we get now won’t necessarily be correct one hundred years down the line therefore the knowledge we have now of the natural sciences is correct until proven wrong. Knowledge is trustworthy in most of our subjects at school but we can never know if the information we are receiving is 100% accurate or not because in the future we may learn that the information we have is
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