Similarities Between Nazi Concentration Camps And Japanese Internment Camps

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There are many different types of camps in the world but there are two different types of camps that can be considered the same thing, there is Japanese Internment camps and there is Nazi Concentration camps. Japanese Internment camps and Nazi Concentration camps are two different things. One of the camps was made just to contain the Japanese until they sweared their allegiance. The other was made to kill the jews and make them work until they can no longer, witch ever comes first. The purpose of the the two camps were entirely different the Japanese Internment camps were used for the sole purpose of containing them in an area where they had food and shelter. They moved them because they were too close to crucial buildings, they were afraid that they would attack them and destroy their resources. Hitler had a plan to kill all of the everyone who was different, he also wanted to dig…show more content…
The Nazi Concentration camp was made to kill the Jews or make them work until they can no longer usually it was both they would work you until you couldn 't work anymore then they would kill you. Although people would say they were the same because the people in the camps were still taken from their homes forcefully, and they were both treated like dirt but people in Japanese Internment camps were never going to the camp to die, unlike the Nazi camps, we only did that so that we could move them away from some of the crucial resource areas. The Japanese-Americans we settled very close to some very important resource facilities crucial for the war and didn 't want to risk an attack. Japanese Internment camps and Nazi Concentration camps are two very different things. They were different because Japanese Internment camps were made to just move the Japanese until they could have houses for them.Nazi Concentration camps were made to work and then kill the
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