Similarities Between Nefertiti And Muhammad Naguib

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Nefertiti and Muhammad Naguib: Mystery or Hero?
If you had to choose, would you follow a mysterious queen or a war hero?
Nefertiti was the queen during Akhenaten’s rule.
Muhammad Naguib is the first president of Egypt when it became a republic.
Both Nefertiti and Muhammad Naguib are influential rulers but Muhammad Naguib was a better leader because he was a well known hero.
II. Nefertiti was a great queen who supported the king but disappeared mysteriously.
Nefertiti seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, no one knew who she was or where she came from. although she was a great leader,“Nefertiti remains somewhat of a puzzlement to scholars because of her ancestry and her mysterious disappearance”(“Nefertiti”)
2. Nefertiti was a great queen
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Nefertiti appeared to Egypt just as mysteriously as she left.
Scholars have found out that “her name, which translates to ‘the beautiful one is come’ is an Egyptian birth name”(“Commire”)
As queen,“her role, if any late, in Akhenaten’s rule remains unclear”(“Commire”)
d. Nefertiti was an amazing leader but she can be questionable. lll. There are many great leaders in the world but not many of them are war heroes.
Muhammad Naguib became a leader after the war and became a hero and proved himself to be a fit leader.
During the Egyptian defeat, Naguib “distinguished himself” (“Muhammad Naguib”)
After the war in 1948, “he had been one of the very few military men seen as a hero” (“Aboulenein”)
B. By becoming a hero, Naguib was the leader that everyone wanted to follow.
Not only did he become a leader, but “he became president of the newly formed republic”(“Muhammad Naguib”).
He was also “elected as head of the officers
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Naguib was an amazing leader fit to rule who was also a hero.
IV. When it comes down to it, it would make a much better choice to choose a responsible, passionate war hero then a mysterious yet powerful queen.
Both Nefertiti and Naguib had well known reputations but Naguib reputation is a better fit for a leader.
As the free officers club said, “they needed an older, more recognized name as a leader” and Naguib was the best fit.(“Aboulenein”)
Nefertiti was “an enthusiastic supporter and a full partner in the process of spreading the new religion”(“Egypt state info service”)
B. Unlike Naguib, who was born and raised in Egypt, Nefertiti has an unknown origin and seemed to come out of nowhere. when it comes to nefertiti’s origin, “she remains somewhat of a puzzlement to scholars”(“Commire”).
Naguib was “born on February 20, 1901 in Khartoum, Sudan”(“Muhammad Naguib”).
C. Both leaders had many accomplishments that made them great leaders. although Akhenaten was pharaoh, “some have hypothesized that she was the power behind the
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