Similarities Between Romantic And Neoclassical Art

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Name Course Instructor Date Visual Arts and Film Studies Art has been for so long; almost as long as the world’s existence. Neoclassical and Romantic styles of art and types of paintings are popular in the world of art. Both styles were influenced by the Romans and Greeks. The mid 1700’s marked the beginning of the neoclassical art. Shortly afterwards, Romantic art followed; the late 18th century. Though often confused; there are no similarities between them. Romantic style of Art focuses majorly on the mysterious and the natural aspects of life. Neoclassical Art, on the other hand, is more inclined to the more political and unemotional aspects. Delacroix’s ‘Sea of Galilee’ and Watteau’s ‘The Storm’ in comparison are two different paintings in the language of art. One of the paintings is clearly a Romantic period piece of art work while the other one comes from the Neo-classical period of art. The differences are not so difficult to spot; even from a mile away. ‘The Storm’ by Watteau is of the Neo-classical age. On the other hand, ‘The Sea of Galilee’ is a romantic era work of art. There are a lot reasons and differences to back this argument up.…show more content…
As Alexander Pope put it, “the proper study of mankind is man.” Neoclassicists always aimed to attain perfection. They strictly believed in order and reason, also in intellect, in the quest for perfection. Romanticism is the era that opposed them. Romanticism followed the neoclassicism era. Romantics directly opposed neoclassicism; they passionately believed that neoclassicism was not it and turned to nature’s guiding forces in their paintings. To them, nature was the sole holder of all truth, and did not have to look or search for the truth or perfection in disciplines such as mathematics and science; the way neoclassicists always did. Romantics had a passion for beauty and myth, as
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