Similarities Between Nixon And Macbeth

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Ambitions are the desires of humans that demands to be achieved or done. Being too ambitious can sometimes lead to the opposite of our aims. People in the past had a thought that excess in ambition would only lead to corruption. However, people nowadays believe that the more ambitious you are the greater you will achieve or become. Is it true, will excess in ambition lead to downfall or not? In ‘Macbeth', one of the main characters is Macbeth; he was a Scottish general and Thane of Glamis. He is an ambitious person lead by his desires and his wicked thoughts. He was influenced by someone closely related to him to achieve his desires. Will this lead to his downfall? Richard Nixon is the 37 president of the United States. He is remembered for his achievement in foreign policy. Richard Nixon had agreed for power and was ambitious to maintain his power as long as he could. Will his greed cost him his position? The following essay will examine some of the similarities and differences between Macbeth and Richard Nixon regards to their ambition, influence and downfall.…show more content…
He used to be the one influencing people and fooling them, by performing his passion, which was lying. Various characters throughout the play influenced Macbeth. He was influenced by the three witches, his wife and also by his own

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