Difference Between Nonrenewable And Renewable Energy

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The similarities and differences of nonrenewable and renewable energy
The sun that’s at a distance of over 92 miles away casts its beams of light that coats your skin in warmth and makes everything around you glow. The fire you ignited is illuminating before your eyes and dissipates your shivers from the frigid air of night. The two of the following things have one major thing in common other than just being sources of heat, both the sunlight as well as the fire not only provide you with warmth, but also are forms of energy. Although both these examples are forms of energy, they share the difference that they both each represent two different forms of energy; nonrenewable and renewable energy. The heat from the sun is an example of renewable
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The most evident difference between nonrenewable and renewable energy is that one form of energy is safe and good for the environment and the other is a disaster for our planet, causing a grand amount of pollution in our atmosphere. Nonrenewable energy is energy that is achieved through the burning of fossil fuels, but this power source impacts our environment extremely negatively. When fossil fuels are burned it releases a high amount of carbon dioxide into our air supply, this then causes heat and dust to collect and get trapped which leads to global warming and pollution. Renewable energy however, is completely healthy and safe for our environment, therefore using this as our main energy source does not put our earth at any risk. Another important opposition between nonrenewable and renewable energy is that renewable energy is unlimited, meaning that the supplies needed to create this energy are not going to run out because renewable energy uses natural resources that are available to us all the time, such as the sun, wind, and water; therefore we don’t need to worry of the quantity available becoming scarce. However, for nonrenewable energy, this worry becomes a reality for fossil fuels are extremely limited and are already being used at an alarming rate, which means this type of energy is capable of…show more content…
Nonrenewable and renewable energy both do contain the alike qualities that they are reliable forms of energy that are both needed today for not only transportation but also for industry, and in home use. However, in contrast to one another you can clearly perceive the differences of the two energy types and how they individually portray their own unique methods of achieving their energy. Since nonrenewable energy is toxic to our environment from its burning of fossil fuels, the fact it contains a limited amount of resources that will indefinitely run out in the near future, and the point that nonrenewable energy has the ability to be used as of today, all shows great amounts of indifference to its opposing energy type; renewable energy. Renewable energy is safe for our environment and will not cause any pollution to the atmosphere, it also contains materials that are unlimited which means we can use them without the worry of them becoming scarce, and finally, renewable energy will not be able to be fully achieved until future use when the proper technology and savings is acquired for us to take advantage of it. To conclude, one can infer that there are a multitude of reasons that one type of energy is a better use than the other, but despite
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