Similarities Between Odysseus And Troy

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1. Troy- The Greeks conquered Troy and, they are about to take part on the longest journey they will ever go on.

2. Cicones- The Greeks came upon the city of Cicones, they raided it, slaughtered the men living there, enslaved the women there, and killed all the stock they had.

3. Lotus Eaters- Northern Africa was home to the lotus eaters. The people gave them lotus and they fell into a sleepy stupor. Everyone who ate the plant never wanted to leave and they forgot their families. All they wanted was to eat the lotus and nothing else.

4. Cyclops- Odysseus and his men happened upon what looked like an abandoned cave. It was full of things needed to survive such as, food and wine. A cyclops named, Polyphemus, who lived in the cave came to it
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Island of Aeolia- The men find an island, which is home to Aeolus, god of wind. Aeolus was a very kind man, he encouraged them to tell stories and treated them with kindness. He lived there with his 6 sons and 6 daughters. Aeolus and his children loved his stories and gifted him with a bag of wind for his departure. Odysseus’ men were however, curious about what was really in the bag, they opened it and horrible winds sent them to treacherous…show more content…
Ithaca- Odysseus returns back home, and many things have changed. Suitors are living in his palace and are trying to marry Penelope. He disguises himself as a beggar and punishes them out.He makes sure everyone secretly knows it’s him including, Athena, Telemachus, and the nurse. They hide the weapons and locks the doors from the suitors. Penelope challenges the suitors on who can string Odysseus’ bow and shoot the straightest at a target, that guy would get to marry her. None of the suitors could string it, but “Odysseus in disguise” could. Odysseus and Telemachus killed the suitors, he could claim Penelope. He finds her and rejoices that they’re together again. Athena makes the suitors’ families forget what happened. The city of Ithaca recognizes Odysseus as their
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