Similarities Between Odyssey And Beowolf

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Odyssey and Beowolf are both literary epics. A literary epic can be defined as a “long

narrative poem recounting heroic deeds.”(Yoshida). A literary epic has general characteristics.

They typically deal with myths, heroic legends, religious tales, animal stories, or philosophical

ideas. The epic’s main function was to stir the spirit of the Warriors, back in the heroic age. The

poetry style helped the people to memorize the poems easier. The rhythm that was most

commonly used is saying two syllables, pause, and two more syllables, until the poem was


Beowolf is one of the best examples of a epic hero. There are certain things you look for

when you read a literary epic, to see if it matches up with the characteristics
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Athena helped Odysseus every step of

the way on his journey.There were many supernatural beings in the odyssey. He fought the

cyclops. He encounters many gods on his journey. He gets help from Hermes, who is the

messenger of the gods. It is clear that oysters doesn't have any supernatural powers of his own,

but he does receive aid from supernatural forces, and also interacts with supernatural forces. He

also interacts with one of the three main gods, Poseidon, the god of the sea. This story is full of

gods and shows you how other people believe. (Shmoop).

The story of Odysseus is also a poem and it is very stylized. This is an epic poem. The poet,

Homer believes in many gods. He is a believer of Greek mythology. He believes that gods

interfered with humans, sacrificing to gods, and that gods could have children with mortals. This

belief is wrong because there is only one true God. Exodus20:3 says, “ You shall have no other

gods before me.” (New International Version, Exodus. 20:3).

Beowolf has a Christian standpoint. The story says that all earthly gifts flow from the

heavenly kingdom down to earth. It also tells us that humans should be humble and selfless
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