Similarities Between Of Mice And Men

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This movie Of Mice and Men was directed by Gary Sinise. The movie is about two men who want a ranch to buy, so they work at one. At the ranch you meet many characters, who I will talk about. There are also many twists and turns throughout the movie. There was a very intense and intriguing hook in the beginning of the book. A lady was running away with a ripped shirt and men on horseback chasing her. This part wanted me to watch more.
There are some big ideas and themes in the movie. In the movie Lennie alway wants to pet things that are soft because he wants comfort. The theme of the movie friendship. George and Lennie do everything and go everywhere together. One more theme would be loneliness. Lennie, Crooks, and Curley’s wife experience it.
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At the beginning of the movie there is some music that is a little creepy. When the lady is running at the beginning, intense music started playing. When George and Lennie were by a pond, the sound of the nature sounded very realistic. At one point in the book Lennie was talking to George about how no one loves them. There was sad music playing at that time. The sad music eventually turns into happy and more energetic music when the two start talking about a ranch they will buy and what will be on it. The main point of that is that the music changes with the
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