Comparing 'The Great Gatsby And Only Yesterday'

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Now a lot of people know the Great Gatsby as a novel of the 1920’s and one of the best of it’s time but how accurate is it in that of it’s placement in age.Now people believe the 1920’s was one of the best ages ever in the U.S and “The Great Gatsby” gives people a look into that but does “The Great Gatsby” really show the historic point of 1920’s.There are 2 authors F. Scott Fitzgerald the author of “The Great Gatsby” and Frederick Lewis Allen who wrote “Only Yesterday” we’ll be comparing Allen’s facts on the 1920’s and Fitzgerald’s aspect of the 1920’s.We’ll be address 3 points in the 1920’s Disillusionment, Rise of New Money, and Business V.S God and compare a book of fiction and a book of facts and prove the question “Does the Great Gatsby reflect America in the 1920’s”.So what I’m explain is I believe that the Great Gatsby reflects America in the 1920’s.
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