Similarities Between Peter The Great And Louis Xiv

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Peter the Great and Louis XIV were both the greatest rulers of their times. Both of them were autocrats having unlimited power and on the contrary both of them were absolutists. Louis XIV was the ruler of France and nicknamed “The Sun King” and Peter the Great was the ruler of Russia. Although Peter the Great and Louis XIV has some different successes, they had several noticeable similarities such as power, buildings, and armies/economical growths. Peter the Great and Louis XIV had similar successes in their famous buildings. Louis XIV built the Palace of Versailles to demonstrate power and control, Peter the Great built St. Petersburg, “window to the west” to show control of nobility of the city. They both were determined to make their buildings last to prove their ruling would go down in history. Versailles was for luxury and entertainment through gambling, most that is still present today through parties and concerts. St. Petersburg was used for social gatherings for men and women, forced to socialize 3 times a week and to have rituals often. The famous buildings built by Louis XIV and Peter the Great are similar because of their success by making sure everyone got together as a…show more content…
Both having a sporty background of being physical, they were involved in several wars and recognized similarly. Peter the Great was recognized by reorganizing his army and created the first Russian Navy. Louis XIV was revengeful, he attacked people who were disobedient such as nobles in exile while Peter the Great wanted to centralize power and strengthen his military such as expanded Russian borders. Peter also demanded money from mercantilist policy because of his new military. But like Peter, Louis XIV who had a semi feudal society, he wanted a mercantile nation to create an efficient army. What Peter the Great and Louis XIV did with their new armies were similar because of their

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