The Pirates Film Analysis

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The Pirates is a British/American animation film, produced in 2012 by Aardman Animations in partnership with Sony Pictures Animation. It is also a swashbuckler movie, in similarity with “The pirates of The Caribbean”. Swashbuckler means that it contains a lot of sword fighting. Aardman Animations earlier produced the Wallace & Gromit movies, and you can see very many similarities between “The pirates!” and the Wallace & Gromit movies in the way it is animated.
The first time we meet the pirates they are engaged in a discussion of whether the best thing about being a pirate is the looting or the cutlasses, but the captain, who is very fond of his luxuriant beard votes for Ham Night.
Loyally supported by the pirate who is called No. 2, who
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The environment in the film is in the Victorian era, as Queen Victoria has a central role in the film. There are big differences between Blood Island and the city of London. Blood Island is exotic and London is foggy, grey and much influenced by the industrialization of the Great Britain. The people on Blood Island are all pirates and plunderers, but the citizens of London are normal people. There are differences between the social classes in the city. Some are very poor and live in the poorer districts of London and some are richer and live in the more high-end areas of the…show more content…
It is shining bright colors on the rich people and more neutral on the less rich people. That is a literary tool used to make contrast between the rich and the poor. For example in the poorer districts of London they used gray and toned down colors, but in Queen Victoria’s castle they used brighter colors. The camera angle is also important, if you film from a low angle and up on a person, the person would seem mighty, powerful and strong. For example in one of the scenes where Queen Victoria was in the picture and looked powerful and mighty they used a camera angle to strengthen this
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