Similarities Between Plato And Aristotle

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All through the history of humanity, people have been making deliberate efforts in order to obtain a world in which one can live with enjoyment, equality, fairness, and happiness. Many great ancient philosophers have created utopian societies for people to explore and consider. Great philosophers of an ancient Greece, namely, Plato and Aristotle, had written hugely influential and important works for the modern civilized world, which explain not only the way the ideal utopian state should look, but they also provide a thorough explanation on how they should actually work. Plato and Aristotle have been sincerely concerned with the justification of political obligation, authority, and the goals that political actions should pursue. Although both Aristotle and Plato have proposed genuinely meritorious ideas without which our contemporary world could have been incredibly different from today’s world, I believe, that under the Plato’s world people would have been much happier than by the Aristotelian one.
I believe that it worth mentioning that making a comparison of visions on an ideal state of the realist - Aristotle and his mentor idealist - Plato could be ethically incorrect, because the ideas of Aristotle in some way could be considered as adaptations and modifications of Platonic ideas since Plato, being great man he is, must have also been a very inspirational teacher, and Aristotle being a good student, must have learned much from Plato and ideas of Plato had to
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