Similarities Between Pornography And Pornography

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From the Ancient Greek to the Romans, sexual practices have been depicted in numerous cultures for centuries – however, the term ‘pornography’ is used a lot more frequently to describe such predictions. But this is where the line ultimately becomes blurred when trying to understand what is erotica and what is pornography, and is there even a difference between the two.

The criteria for distinguishing these two areas are swamped in issues of personal and moral values as well as aesthetic and religious values. Many people believe that both areas overlap or are even identical when looking at human sexuality, although some argue that both co-exist on separate planes.

The term ‘pornography’ was first used during the 19th century and the definition
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Porn is now most commonly defined by the production of something to purposely evoke sexual arousal. However if the possibility of sexual arousal is incidental, then artistic or scientific credibility can be justified – but it is viewed as that of a ‘higher purpose’.

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In contrast to the negative connotations, images of sexuality can be positive. Representations of the LGBT community have had a huge impact on many lesbian women and gay males, and have played a role in the fight for LGBT rights. Similarly, equality and feminism has redefined gender roles of masculinity and femininity as well as sexuality through the use of positive images and affirming choices, as opposed to passivity and submissiveness in pornography that has long been viewed as dangerous to women.

Throughout history, there have been negative connotations of female fantasy. Whether it is the erotic material itself or the act of women being aroused by what was deemed to be a ‘profanity’, the theme is a recurring one and up to this very day, it is still fairly
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