Similarities Between Private And Private Schools

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In a study to compare public and private secondary schools in Pakistan, Muhammed (2012) found that, public schools have better facilities, spacious buildings, highly qualified staff and people oriented management styles as compared to private schools. The existence of resource disparities between public and private schools where public schools have better large and spacious buildings as compared to the private schools was attributed to the high cost of land and construction of buildings. Public schools enjoys these facilities on behalf of the budget allocation by the government where all physical facilities are provided by the government itself while in private sector, owners of the schools individually cannot provide these facilities up to that extent. Public schools have an edge over private school as all facilities including building, hall, library, furniture and utilities like electricity, water supply, and gas etc are provided and financed by government. According to the study, public schools enroll the majority of students belonging to middle and lower middle class families. On the other hand, since private schools are profit-earning institutions they only provide education to those who are financially able. Lack of finances in private schools was found to be a major challenge in provision of resources. The study recommended that Government should bind the private sector to provide infrastructure and facilities to the students similar to the public schools which
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